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Walther and Diana Adaptor (Fine Thread)

Walther and Diana Adaptor (Fine Thread)

Ref: 064128-24


Adaptor for connection to Walther or Diana Airgun Cylinders.

This fitting is commonly found on the Walther Carbon Fibre Cylinders. This adaptor is a Fine Walther Thread to a 1/4" BSP fitting.

This adaptor is designed to connect directly onto a Hill pump that has an elbow connection with an adaptor fitted already rather than a hose. (e.g. 4128-800 / 5128-800)

If you are looking to connect onto a Hill Pump with a hose then you will also need the 1/4" BSP to 1/8" BSP adaptor (Z2128-200).

If you are unsure of which adaptor or connection you may need or already have please e-mail us at: