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Ernest Hill Ltd, Sustainability, Environmental, and Ethics Mission Statement

We are a small privately owned company with strong ethical and social ideals.
Focused on Sustaining, Enhancing and Protecting our Environment and we are committed to a Global Greener Future.
Over the last few years, we have worked hard to lower our own CO2 footprint in our manufacturing facility, and with the various initiatives set out below we are well on our way to our own Carbon Neutral Future.

Environmental Legislation
We comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulation; we are completely Heavy Metal free and only buy our raw materials from likeminded Ethical Suppliers.

Our use of Recycled Plastics and creating a 100% Recyclable Product
Over the last 5 years we have worked hard to perfect our manufacturing techniques, for example, using a high percentage of Recycled Plastics in the manufacture of our Hand Operated Pumps.
Our 950 Lever Pump seen below is now manufactured from 95% recycled plastics.
Our 925 Displacement Pump is made form 75% recycled plastics.

Longevity of our Products
Our pumps are designed and built to last a long time, and many of these pumps are still working perfectly well +10 to 15 years later.
Our pumps are manufactured here in our factory in Sheffield and any components that we can't make ourselves are sourced as locally as possible.
After many years use, when they finally do reach end of life our range of plastic pumps are 100% recyclable.

Our cartons are also 100% recyclable.
We strive to use less packaging each year and the cartons we do use are themselves made from 76% recycled materials.
We reuse packing as much as possible and all cardboard that can't be used again is 100% recycled.

Energy and Solar Power
We have worked hard to reduce our energy consumption in the factory and have been very successful with this, changing all the lighting to low energy LED units, fitting more efficient heating and insulation in the building etc.
We are in the process of installing Solar Power on the roof of our factory and hope by 2024 to be producing 80% of the electricity we use on site by solar.

Employees and the Factory
Our employees are very aware of our duty to help protect the environment and we are continually trying to improve how we do this, especially reducing waste and reusing parts and packaging where possible.

We have developed some lovely grounds around the factory and actively encourage our staff to take a walk or even better have lunch outside whenever possible.
There are picnic benches situated around the grounds some grouped together, and others strategically placed for outside meetings and solitary contemplation.
We have created a Wildflower meadow along the back of the factory and a Bee Friendly Garden in front of the offices.

Creating our own new Woodland in the Peak District National Park
In 2019 the owner of Ernest Hill started planting a new woodland in the Peak District. So far, we have planted over 11,500 Native British Broadleaved Trees.
These trees not only offset any carbon produced in our manufacturing process, but are strategically placed in an ancient valley to help prevent flooding further downstream.
We worked closely with the Forestry Commission, Natural England, and Moors for the Future on this project.
The trees chosen by the Woodland Trust and the Forestry Commission where:

3,500 Sessile Oak
1,500 Silver Birch
2,000 Downy Birch
1,500 Rowan
1,500 Alder
1,500 Hazel

Clean Safe Drinking Water for All
We are working with various companies and countries to help provide clean drinking water around the world.
This is a project we completed with one of our partners in Germany and uses one of our Pumps to Pressurise a Water Filtration System… bringing clean fresh drinking water to villages in Africa, Childs play…
Clean Water Africa Project.

Our latest invention was a completely portable self-contained Water Filter Pump unit for people in Ukraine.
We manufactured the first 100 units and shipped them free of charge to our distributor who is still in Ukraine.

We hope this helps you understand our commitment to the environment.

Blossoming Bee Gardens at Ernest H Hill (Sheffield)

Hill Pumps helping to bring clean water to remote villages in Africa.