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MK2-MK3 "T" Type Dry-Pac Kit For Pumps with Aluminium Locating Ring.

Ref: Z2128-670


"T" Type Dry-Pac Kit for MK2 and MK3 Pumps with Aluminium Location Ring.

Includes all connectors and one sachet of Dry-Pac medium. This kit is easy to fit. Dry Pac will remove over 90% of moisture.

Now includes our updated Colour Changing Dry-Pac medium. The beads in the medium will now gradually change colour from Orange to Green as they absorb moisture to indicate that they need to be changed for a fresh sachet.

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Please call us if you cannot identify your model.

MK2 and MK3 pumps have air inlet holes at the bottom of the pump. MK1 pumps have a single air inlet at the top of the pump underneath the handle and this kit is not compatible. 3rd Gen Pumps have 3 rings top and bottom of the outer body tube.