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EC-3000 Oil Kit

EC-3000 Oil Kit

Ref: Z3000-002


Oil Kit for the Hill EC-3000 Electric Compressor.

1 x Silicone Oil Bottle (100ml) - 073000-A72
1 x Crank Oil Bottle (50ml) - 073000-A73

Both of these oils have been specifically manufactured and designed for use with the EC-3000 Electric Compressor. No other oils should be used with the EC-3000.

Please note the Crank Oil is now red and the Silicone Oil is clear. The very first EC-3000 units were manufactured with clear crank oil but we have now changed this to be dyed red so that both oils can be differentiated from each other.

The Crank Case Oil (Red) is in the perfect size bottle for the unit as it takes almost the whole bottle to fill the crank properly on the initial fill, and should not need topping up for some time. When filling the crank oil please ensure that it is filled properly, this should require near enough the whole 50ml bottle.

The Silicone Oil (Clear) is used all the time by the pump and should need replacing after approximately 50 hours of run time, this is also the correct point to change the Crank Oil.