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Dry-Pac Refills - Box of 5 Sachets

Dry-Pac Refills - Box of 5 Sachets

Ref: Z4128-565


Box of 5 Hill Air Pump Dry-Pac System Refills

Now includes our updated Colour Changing Dry-Pac medium. The beads in the medium will now gradually change colour from Orange to Green as they absorb moisture to indicate that they need to be changed for a fresh sachet.

Find out about our new Colour Changing Dry-Pac System here.

For all Hill PCP Air Pumps with Dry-Pac System fitted. One sachet of Dry-Pac medium for complete refill of Dry-Pac cartridge. For optimum performance the Dry-Pac should be renewed every 3-6 months depending upon usage. The Dry-Pac medium is vacuum packed and can be stored indefinitely providing the vacuum remains intact.

The Refills are available as a single sachet or in packs of 5.

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