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    Scottish Gamekeepers Association

    The SGA is a non-profit making association of Scottish gamekeepers that is run by the gamekeepers themselves. Its mission is to unite all Scottish Gamekeepers, Stalkers and Ghillies in a strong representative organisation and to promote their professional role in the management of the Scottish environment by publicising their high standards of conduct and highlighting the contribution country sports make to the Scottish rural economy.


    National Gamekeepers' Organisation

    The National Gamekeepers' Organisation (NGO) was founded in 1997 by a group of gamekeepers who felt that their profession was threatened by public misunderstanding and poor representation.


    Game Conservancy Trust

    The Game Conservancy Trust is a registered charity that researches the ecology of game species. It also studies the habitat needs of game, and factors limiting survival such as food supplies, predation and disease. Our research is practical, designed to help manage the countryside in the best interests of game and wildlife, for the public benefit.


    Countryside Alliance

    The Countryside Alliance promotes the interests of rural people, including all field sports , sensible wildlife management, and wider countryside concerns such as jobs, landscapes and freedoms. It represents these interests in the media, in Parliament, in schools and throughout the UK.


    Country Land and Business Association

    We represent the breadth of the rural economy and our 45,000 members in England and Wales run more than 250 different types of businesses. They own and manage half the agricultural land and are stewards of countryside resources, landscapes and biodiversity - maintaining and enhancing our greatest national asset for this and future generations.



    BASC is the UK's national representative body for country shooting. We promote and safeguard the interests of all those who enjoy shooting sports.

    BASC has four prime objectives. These are to ensure that the owners of sporting firearms have:

    • the right to private firearms ownership
    • the opportunity to go shooting
    • a healthy quarry population
    • a single voice for shooting


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